San Andreas Roleplay Development Update | 4/15/2021


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Apr 10, 2021
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4/15/2021 | San Andreas Roleplay Development Update

Discord Permissions

Added - Implemented Discord API
Added - Discord Ace Permissions
Added - Discord Chat Roles
Added - Discord Rich Presence
Added - Discord Queue
Added - Discord Weapon Permissions

Administration Tools
Added - EasyAdmin w/ full Permission Setup
Added - Server Screenshot Discord Implementation
Added - Staff Duty Logs
Added - Anti-Cheat
Added - Admin Area Functionality
Added - Server Announcement Functionality
Added - Server Meeting Functionality
Added - Delete All Vehicle Functionality

Added - "Area of Play"
Added - Priority Cooldown
Added - Nearest Postal + Street Location
Added - Discord Watermark
Added - Postal Map
Added - Improved Chat
Added - Car HUD
Added - Speedlimit Script. Only accessible when in a Motor Vehicle.

Emotes & Clothing
Added - DPEmotes
Added - DPClothing

Law Enforcement
Added - Law Enforcement Toolbox - Cuff, drag, (un)seat, panic button, jail, deploy spikes, toggle shield, remove / spawn props, traffic management, patrol cruiser spawner, loadout spawner, and station teleporter.
Added - Public Officer Toolbox - Cuff, drag, (un)seat, and more.
Added - Law Enforcement & Public Officer Map Blips.
Added - Lockable Police Department doors
Added - "/911" & "/P" functionalities, both of which have been heavily modified to display location + postal code of the caller or officer, without to specify.
Added - Emergency Uniform Pack (EUP)
Added - Discord Webhooks for 911 Calls & Panic Buttons
Added - Lux Vehicle Control, the Server's lighting control system.
Added - Police Radar & ALPR
Added - Police Cruiser Spotlight
Added - Enhanced Torch
Added - California Highway Patrol inspired San Andreas Highway Patrol fleet.

Fire Department
Added - Fire Department Toolbox - Spawn, push, and delete stretcher, place inside ambulance, hopitalize, and more.
Added - Fire Department Map Blips.

Other Server Departments
Added - Federal Aviation Administration Pack

Added - Bank, Ammu-Nation, and 24/7 Store Robbery's, with a visible chat message to Law Enforcement.

Added - No Reticle
Added - Firing modes - Single fire, burst fire, fully automatic
Added - Weapon must be obtained from car
Added - Realistic Weapons Textures / Models

Added - Disable seat shuffle
Added - "/dv" command
Added - Working seatbelt
Added - Fuel system
Added - Cruise Control

Added - Sandy Shores County Sheriff's Office Station
Added - Paleto Bay County Sheriff's Office Station
Added - Flywheels mechanic shop
Added - YellowJack Upstairs
Added - Save the Pumps
Added - Grand Theft Auto Online Interiors

Added - All Electric Pack
Added - Dragster Pack
Added - Super Sports Pack
Added - Custom Classics Pack
Added - Business Executive Pack
Added - Law Enforcement Officer Pack 1
Added - All Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Royal V.I.P. Pack w/permissions!

Added - Completely Custom Emergency Uniforms! Includes uniform for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, San Andreas Highway Patrol & State Police, and Fire Department!

Final Notes
With all these development notes in mind, San Andreas Roleplay is set for its official launch date of Friday, 16th April 2021!